Great sales blogs and resources — the beginning


Right now, this blog is “under the radar.”  I’m not seeking publicity, search engine rankings, or recognition.  Patience.  First we need to build the base, tidy up the appearance, add useful content and build the outbound useful links so that readers, when they first discover the site, see its value to them.

This will take time — perhaps a few weeks, maybe a few months.  With daily postings and updates, with added value and content, the blog will take a life of its own and become a truly useful resource for advertising sales representatives.

Adrian Miller websiteIn my first search for content, I’ve found a number of sales-training/marketing sites, often with contents hidden behind a paid-subscription barrier.  Sorry.  Not going there, just yet.  You have to convince me of your site’s real value and asking me for my identifying information, or worse, my credit card number, before I’m ready will result in a solid “no” — at least for now.  (This may change later, once things are a bit better organized around here.)

However, I discovered, after some searching, Adrian Miller’s really useful sales training blog, aptly titled The Blatant Truth Weblog.  Adrian doesn’t know it yet, but hers is the first outbound link that I will post here — even before I get around to my own company’s sites.

Why not share the news with her?  Well, this site is still not “ready,” no search engine recognition, not even the Google sandbox — where Google knows you are there, but doesn’t let anyone who fails to key in the exact URL of the site know.  But we’ll get there.   If you happen to find this site, please let me know at  No newsletter (yet), no come-on, nothing to sell — though by the time the site is truly ready for public viewing, you’ll know why I’m doing this.