Josh Gordon: Ad Sales Blog


Josh Gordon’s Ad Sales Blog undoubtedly offers insights, ideas and concepts that anyone conerned with media sales and publishing should remember, even though it has not been updated since March, 2011.

The most recent post (from March last year) include a rather expressive snakes and ladder description of how publishers are handling social media marketing.

More sadly, this time last year (January 20, 2011) in advance of Steve Jobs’ death Gordon posted this YouTube video of Jobs’ 2005 Stanford University commencement speech.

Whatever you are doing in the next 22 minutes, will not be as useful as watching this video of Steve Jobs’ 2005 commencement speech given at Sanford University.

Jobs describes how three experiences showed him what is important: his early life as an adopted child, being fired from Apple in 1985, and his first round with pancreatic cancer.

As Jobs departs for yet another leave from Apple, citing unspecified health issues, the message of this short address seems more urgent.

As I read Jobs’ biography, Gordon’s observations seem even more relevant than they were a year ago.  I’m setting a hyperlink to Gordon’s blog, and hope he resumes posting in the months ahead.