Finding Google (and Google finding you)


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Well, after about a week posting here in what essentially had been a totally private communication, I referenced this site in my Construction Marketing Ideas blog once.  I wondered if Google would, as a result, find

.The search engine did.  Today, according to reports, the Googlebot visited here twice, once very briefly, and the second time for 13 minutes.

Checking things, I sense this site is now in Google’s “sandbox” You can find it on Google search by typing in the exact URL ( but you won’t find it, say, if you type in ad sales success, or some other variant.  In other words, you really have to know about and be looking for this site, to discover it.

I understand the sandbox can remain in place for several months. It is designed to prevent publishers from setting up web pages quickly and interlinking them to generate “fast” search engine results.  The ways out of the sandbox, I think, are patience, high quality content (which generates in co-ordination with careful marketing, positive reviews and hyperlinks) and, of course, if you want to build traffic quickly, paid AdWords advertising.  I’ll pass on that — as I will hold off on putting any AdSense ads here for some time.  (Since there will be very few visitors for a while, yet, it is best to be conservative about any efforts to generate revenue.

(I mean, if you are selling advertising, it requires some special skill to sell the advertising in media and publications that no one reads.)

Which raises another question . . . if you have a specialized product/publication with limited circulation, can you still effectively sell advertising — and make good money doing it?

Absolutely yes.

As I’ve noted earlier, and will say again, the important qualities are the nature and depth of relationships between your medias’ audiences and the organizations and individuals trying to reach them.  If you have a high-value audience and a specific way to reach these clients without much wasted effort, your page rate or per minute time charge can be well on the high side of the norms.

Of course, it is also good if the search engines can find you.  Google has.  Now we’ll see how long it takes to escape the sandbox here.