The writing opportunity


You might have landed here after seeing a Service Canada job bank posting for a new media writer.  Don’t worry.  You are in the “right” place, though this site doesn’t obviously reflect your interests (unless you are truly interested in advertising sales, in which case, please feel free to apply for that work!)

The reason for the link here is that the overall corporate link for the job bank requires us to specify a specific website address — and since most of our recruitment advertisements have been for the salaried sales work (and these postings are still running) the is the best place to introduce these individuals to the career opportunity.

For the writing work, we’re looking for the “other stuff” — news and features relevant for our publications’ readers.  You can certainly review the Canadian Design and Construction Report ( or Northern Ontario Construction News as examples.  Some of our other Canadian publishers are on an ‘old’ website template, which we will update and adapt to the new model.

The main reason for the posting, however, relates to an ambitious initiative to expand our coverage in the U.S., through a network of new regional construction industry sites.  We already have a presence in North Carolina (see and soon will be expanding service to South Carolina, Texas, Georgia and the metropolitan Washington D.C. area.

If you are interested in this work, please feel free to apply through the email address on the job bank.  We’ll send a questionnaire and invite you, if you qualify to work with us on a trial (paid) assignment.

The opportunity is real — if it has nothing (directly) to do with advertising sales success.