Is this opportunity right for you?

October 2011 planning meeting
An annual CNRG staff annual planning meeting

You are probably visiting this site because of an innovative recruiting campaign. You may have received an email and possibly an automated phone message introducing us to you, or you have been referenced here from another website.

The question you may be asking is: “Is this the right opportunity for me?”

To start — the basics

This is a performance-based, business-to-business advertising sales opportunity. Our most successful representatives earn at the low six figure level. You should expect to earn about $40,000 to $60,000.  We serve the architectural, engineering and construction community.

But this does not come easy.

While we have systems, some training and support, you are working independently, from your own home, and will need to be comfortable in a business-to-business setting, offering advertising and feature profiles in regional construction industry websites and publications. From introduction to start, expect a few weeks set up and co-ordination time.

The process

Initial communication (right now)

The first conversation will be brief. We’ll check to see if you are truly interested, and then co-ordinate a more comprehensive follow-up conversation. If you wish, in the meantime, you can complete your customized sales survey. We’ll be happy to share the results with you, regardless of how you do (and the information will help you in determining other career choices if we aren’t right for you.)

Follow-up conversation and sales survey (one week)

See above.  The sales survey is our way of predicting the likeliness of your succeeding with us. If you don’t score well, but still want to proceed, we’ll be happy to work with you, but we think it best to tell you how things are before you get started.

Preparation, set up and training (two weeks)

This is the time to begin visualizing the work, receive some advance training and most importantly, for us to set up your sales support resources including customized marketing materials, a website geared to your market, and other tools to get you started quickly. You can use this time to develop your prospect lists (this work can be done after hours and in spare time, so you won’t be out of pocket).

Time to sell . . .

Now you can start reaching out, setting up special feature profiles and building relationships within your community.

The work . . .

cold call istockOur sales process involves two stages.  In the first, you co-ordinate special features about relevant businesses and projects. In the second, you will sell advertising to individual subcontractors and suppliers based on strong referrals from owner/clients.. The work can largely be done by phone and email (in fact virtually all individual sales are conducted this way.)

BUT . . it is vital that you connect, communicate and contribute to the community. So you are encouraged to attend and participate in relevant association and community service projects. We’ll suggest which groups and associations are most worthy of joining. (Note that your objective here is absolutely NOT to sell, but to build rapport and community spirit.)

WAIT . . . This is going to take some time, isn’t it?

Yes, you will need to build up your client base, and the sales cycle requires upwards of two months before the first cash orders arrive. On average, an individual feature should result in about $2,000 in revenue — or $400 in commission, so to earn $48,000 a year, you would need to set up 12 features a month, or three features a week. (These numbers are very conservative — features can earn much more than $2,000.)

We’ll help you along the way, however. For the first qualified feature each week, we’ll pay you an advance on commission of $100 — for the second and successive features, we’ll pay you $200 each. (Qualifying features will have supplier lists (with full contact information) of 30 or more names, for businesses and projects with a total annual or project volume of $3 million or more, and will be produced with the consent of the referring organization.) We’ll send you the money right away — so you will have cash in your pocket within a few weeks of joining the organization, and long before we see a cent in revenue from the advertisers.

Mark Buckshon
Mark Buckshon

We’ll also help out with expenses, once you have your first feature in, per week. This can include association fees, postage, phone, and other costs. You should not need to invest anything but your time and energy in the opportunity.


Although this opportunity is performance-based, we can consider options including profit-sharing, health benefits and other resources once you are established. You will enjoy a truly worthwhile and lasting opportunity.

SO, what to do . . .

You can call or email us if you are interested. If you want to get a head start, complete the Sales Survey and send it by email to Mark Buckshon at